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Heritage Roof Tiles

Hand-Made Clay Roof Tiles

Pilgrim Bricks and Tiles manufactures and distributes a range of traditional, heritage roof tiles that display all the characteristics you would expect from a premium, hand-made clay tile but at an affordable, workable price. With a rich and deep range of natural hues that are the product of premium clays and expert manufacturing, Pilgrim Tiles add grace and elegance to any property.

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Lightweight, Insulating Tiles

The Pilgrim Perlite® is our exclusive lightweight, insulating roof tile which reduces the static load on the roof and provides 25% greater thermal resistance than a standard concrete or clay roof tile. Utilising a modified Concrete/Perlite mix, we have created a tile that is 15% lighter than an equivalent concrete roof tile and which reduces heat loss from the roof space in winter and keeps the roof space cooler in summer. Available in a range of colours and in two styles, the Pilgrim Perlite® is rapidly establishing itself as one of the UK’s favourite roofing choices.

Colour options: Anthracite, Brown, Dark terracotta, Light Terracotta

Double Roman